Mud Solution Limited Liability Company


The objective of bottomhole treatment operations supervising services includes high quality technical and processcontrol over progress, quality and time of bottomhole treatment operations performance by BHT contractors, wellservicing and workover crews, and hydraulic fracturing fleets (performing acid fracs).

Objects of bottomhole treatment operations include well pads and wells undergoing acid fracturing and bottomholetreatment operations.

Supervising of bottomhole treatment operations includes the following:

  • Participation in the start-up commission before commencement of well operations, issuing of permit to proceed;
  • Control of compliance with the bottomhole treatment technology, strict conformity to the approved action plan and the client’s technical regulations;
  • Coordination of activities by contracting companies participating in completion and preparation processes and general bottomhole treatment operations;
  • Taking and delivery of quality control samples from well sites to facilities specified by the client (upon the client’s request);
  • Participation in the lab testing commission controlling testing of the fluid samples;
  • Control of availability and consistency of acceptance and follow-up inspection certificates, validity of certificates and permits issued for chemical agents;
  • Monitoring of operational conditions of instruments within bottomhole treatment equipment systems;
  • Control of materials balance sheets (actual consumption of chemical agents during operations), compliance with the approved bottomhole treatment action plans;
  • Control of performance of corrective actions as per previously issued instructions and compliance with deadlines by contractors;
  • Monitoring and analysis of performance times, including non-productive time, of all contractors participating in bottomhole treatment operations, development of supervisor’s report (upon completion of BHT operations), carrying out of a detailed performance time analysis for assessment of contractors’ performance efficiency, provision of recommendations on cutting of non-productive time.

Each supervising station of Mud Solution LLC is equipped with the following equipment and appliances:

  • SUV vehicle;
  • Portable computer (laptop);
  • Scanner and printer (or information scanning and printing capability);
  • Mobile phone (smartphone);
  • Digital camera (with at least 8Mpx matrix);
  • Data storage device (USB flash drive) with at least 8 GB capacity;
  • Satellite link telephone (for emergency communication).

All stations have internet access.

All operations are performed by highly skilled supervising engineers.