Mud Solution Limited Liability Company


The supervising of environmental remedial activities includes the following services:

  • Process supervising, development of Final Analytical Reports;
  • Chemical and analytical control.

The process supervision is targeted upon improving of environmental remedial activities through identification and elimination of any violations, i.e. any facts of improper quality of environmental remediation performed by contractors and transportation carriers, deviation of actual conditions from established requirements and norms.

All Mud Solution LLC labs are equipped with instruments in full compliance with the Client’s assignments, as well as complete documentation (certificates and manuals), calibration logs and calibration certificates.

All operations are performed by highly skilled process engineers.

Surveys performed in a stationary laboratory:

  1. Toxicological testing of secondary product samples, identification of the substance hazard category.
  2. Laboratory investigation of secondary product samples for compliance with physical and mechanical, radiation and hygienic values specified in technical specifications.

The stationary laboratory equipment allows for performing project specific studies with further provision of expert reviews by certified specialists, including:

  1. Qualitative elemental analysis of liquid and solid mixtures of sample substances by infrared spectroscopy using equipment of an accredited assay laboratory;
  2. Qualitative elemental analysis of liquid and solid mixtures of sample substances by diffractometry and X-ray fluorescence analysis using equipment of an accredited assay laboratory

The studies allow for identification of physical and chemical properties of submitted samples and defining origin of the sample substances.

Examples of applied equipment:

  • PID&TECHPCT automated computer-aided continuous-flow catalyst unit
  • Spectral assembly based on NicoletiS-10 Fourier-transform IR spectrometer
  • Analytical assembly based on Bruke-GC-430 chromatographic analyzer


The stationary laboratory equipment allows performing complex analysis of persistent organic pollutant contents (in particular, poly-chlorinated biphenyls (PCB)) in soil and insulating oil.

At the moment PCBs represent an urgent issue as upon the entry into force of the Law on Ratification of the Stockholm Convention all production enterprises that may produce PCBs shall ensure their analytical control, recycling or disposal.