Mud Solution Limited Liability Company


Main objectives of the Independent Supervising of Mud Systems:

  • Real-time measurement of drill mud parameters using a mobile field lab directly on site (at the well);
  • Supervision of mud system services contractors: Inspection of mud system conformance with planned values using imported lab equipment in complying with API Standards;
  • Control of mud system analysis equipment availability with services contractors and compliance with requirements; development of lab configuration reports and issue of inspection survey reports;
  • Control storage conditions of chemicals provided by the services contractors within the well pad, execution of inspection reports on chemicals storage conditions accompanied by photographic materials;
  • Testing of chemicals and mud systems in an accredited laboratory;
  • Pilot testing

All labs are equipped with imported instruments manufactured by Fann Instrument Company designed for measuring of fluid parameters as per API (American Petroleum Institute) and analytical instruments by home manufacture to perform surveys in compliance with Guidelines 39-2-645-81 “Mud System Parameter Control Methodology”. All operations are performed by highly skilled process engineers specializing in mud systems.