Mud Solution Limited Liability Company



Parameter Name

Measuring Instrument

Parameter measuring temperature,   0С


Viscosity at rotational viscosimeter
600/300, 200/100, 60/30, 6/3;

Plastic viscosity, sP;

Dynamic shear stress, pounds per 100 square foot;

Static shear stress, pounds per 100 square foot;

Twelve-speed viscometer (with thermocup)

Lube oil content, vol. %;

Solid phase, vol. %;

10 ml retort kit


Sand content, vol. %;

Sand content test kit

Low shear rate viscosity, MPa*s 1 min, 2 min, 3 min;

Brookfield rotational viscometer

MS, kg/m3;

Methylene blue absorption capacity test kit

Filtrate:  Ca 2+, mg/l;

Filtrate analysis kit

Manually operated centrifuge

Potassium ion test kit

Filtrate:  Cl-, mg/l;

Filtrate: Pf/Mf, mg/l; Pm

К+, mg/ml


  • TRU-WATE fluid density balance (API Standard);Expansion cement curing kit (API Standard);
  • Six-speed viscometer with a mobile case and transformer (API Standard);
  • Atmospheric Consistometer (API Standard);
  • Cement Curing Autoclave (API Standard);
  • HPHT Consistometer (API Standard);
  • Filtrate Analysis Kit (API Standard);
  • Constant Speed Mixer (API Standard);
  • Double-piston test machine (API Standard);
  • Three-sample moulds for the strength generation chamber (API Standard);
  • Spreadability cone KR-1 (GOST);
  • Vika IV-2 Instrument (GOST);
  • Set of laboratory sieves with various diameter sieve plates (GOST);
  • Set of beam test moulds ZBF-40 (40x40x160) (GOST);
  • Areometer ABR – 1 (GOST);
  • Circulation constant temperature bath (API Standard);
  • Ultrasonic analyser with one autoclave (API Standard);